Immunity Range

Turmeric Oil with Essential Oil

Exhibits broad spectrum effects against microbial infections and regulate activities related to the immune response Shows anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant actions Effective in the prevention and reversal of various disease complications

Colostrum with Almond Oil

Colostrum provides essential immunological protection through a high immunoglobulin content Almond oil is rich in vitamin E for anti-inflammatory, immunity-boosting and antioxidant effects

Tulsi with Herbs & Black Seed

Shows powerful antioxidant effect in addition to its benefit on the immune system Shows a spectrum of beneficial physiological effects such as antioxidation, anti-inflammation and immunomodulation Recommended for diabetic patients

Ashwagandha with Herbs & Minerals

Helps combat infectious agents, shows immunomodulation, antioxidation and rejuvenation Boosts the immune system when used on an ongoing basis Has powerful antioxidant effects

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