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Beadlets are in high demand

This advanced dosage form offers you a high degree of flexibility in designing and developing oral, solid dosage forms with a multitude of functional benefits.

Benefits of beadlets

Beadlets have gained in popularity across the nutraceuticals industry as they offer various advantages to both manufacturers and consumers.

Pellets filled Liquid Capsules
Multiple release profiles
Ease of coating
Easy to fill into capsules
Enhancement of drug dissolution
Ease of packaging
Capsule ingredients
Beadlets for Capsules

The many uses of beadlets

Beadletised dosage forms find a wide variety of uses in nutra applications. Coated beadlets can be used for:

The Vantage USP

We manufacture our beadlets in a fluid bed wurster coater, using a suspension layering technique that guarantees consistent quality across all batches.

Blue Pellets for Capsules
Entirely automated process and requires no manual interventions.
Caffeine Pellets for vegan capsules

Yields beadlets with smooth surfaces and uniform coating.

Boswellia Extract

Black Pepper Extract

Ginger Extract

Ready to offer beadlets

Ginger Extract beadlets

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Black Pepper extract beadlets

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Boswellia Extract beadlets

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