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Liquid-filled hard capsules versus soft gelatin capsules

Soft gelatin (softgel) capsules have long been the preferred dosage form for filling liquid, semisolid and poorly soluble ingredients in liquid vehicles in the nutraceutical industry. Softgel capsules however have their own set of shortcomings most of which can be resolved or mitigated to a great extent by liquid-filled hard capsules (LFHCs) – a new […]

Explore endless possibilities with new age capsules liquid filling and much more

Capsules have evolved and advanced over the years into a versatile dosage form. From a variety of capsule shell materials to choose from to different capsule sealing techniques and the flexibility of encapsulating different materials – capsules have come a long way. The developmental advancements in capsule technology have enabled nutraceutical manufacturers to exercise high […]

Liquid filling shows the way

With a radical shift among consumers towards sustainability globally, manufacturers of dietary nutraceuticals have now begun to reconsider the ingredients being used to formulate these products. Not only are they gradually moving towards the use of simpler ingredients, but also looking at reducing the use of inactive ingredients especially for those that do not carry […]

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