How Fish Oil – Omega 3 helps in Brain Development

Fish Oil - Omega 3 helps in Brain Development

Omega 3 is one of the most widely consumed dietary supplements in the whole world. There are only right reasons behind the popularity of these food supplements. There are 3 kinds of omega-3 fatty acids – eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and alpha-linolenic (ALA). DHA and EPA are mostly found in fish and are biologically active and able to be used directly by the body. ALA is found in plants and needs to be converted into DHA and EPA before the body can use it.

Omega 3 fatty acids influence various fundamental processes in our brains. Such processes include cerebral blood flow, gene expression, and oxidative stress. In addition, the composition of fish oil is healthy for your skin and heart health too. 

Why does our brain need Omega 3s?

DHA and EPA are crucial for brain health. Scientific researchers have found that DHA is present in our brain in abundance and plays a huge role in nerve cell function.

Both EPA and DHA influence brain development and function, and their presence in healthy amounts could lead to brain function being maximized. Furthermore, EPA and DHA has been associated with preserving neurological functions which usually decline with age.

In young and growing humans such as babies and toddlers, DHA and EPA ensure proper brain development. The function of these fatty acids is not just limited to brain development as they play a critical role in the protection and repair of the brain too.

The brain cells are composed of fatty acids, and fatty acids are also part for the composition of the myelin sheath which is the protective layer of the cells around nerves. Damage to these protective layers of our brain cells can cause various conditions in an individual such as vision loss and muscle spasms. Omega 3s are proven to add and boost the recovery of the myelin sheath hence serving an essential protection function for our brain.

  Fish oil and memory loss: 

Many people have underlying chronic health conditions which may include cognitive impairments such as acute or chronic memory loss. Many research studies have established that Omega 3 fatty acids profile in fish oil help people and their brain function in cases of memory loss. Fish oil capsules are more effective when taken at early stages of one’s cognitive impairment 

  Fish oil and depression: 

Mental illness is real and many people all around the world are suffering from these illnesses such as depression. Depression can truly suck the life out of an individual and affect various areas and aspects of their lives. Recent studies have indicated that omega 3 fish oil capsules can help patients who are suffering from depression.

Omega 3 fish oil contains EPA and DHA both of which are essential fatty acids for proper brain development and function along with other benefits such as anti-inflammation, boosting immune health and supporting heart health. 

How Fish Oil – Omega 3 helps in Brain Development
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