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Liquid Filled Hard Capsules

Pioneering liquid encapsulation Vfill™ technology

Our indigenously developed platform enables us to custom make liquid-filled hard capsules that enable nutraceutical companies to effectively formulate innovative products with improved functionality, while reducing development time and costs.

The Vantage USP

Solid Dosage form come with multiple challenges. They are less soluble, low on absorption, and difficult to manufacture. Our liquid-capsule range offers significant benefits not only to nutraceutical brands but also the end consumers.

Product stability

Improved shelf-life

Enhanced product profile

Fast action + Sustained/controlled action

Ingredient compatibility

Easy delivery of challenging formulations

Unique product branding

Variety of colour + Print options

Vantage Nutrition Capsules

ACG capsules

High quality + Clean label + Vegetarian


Taste + Odour masking protection

High product integrity

Tamper-proof + Leak-proof

Combination fill options

Liquids + mini capsules / granules / micro tablets
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Info Sheet

Info Sheet
Blood Sugar Control
Revolutionary formula contains a synergistic blend of ingredients to help support optimal pancreatic function and offers a powerful defense and helps ensure normal blood sugar levels in healthy individuals.

Fenugreek Oil Capsules (500mg)

  • Glucomannan fiber in fenugreek can delay intestinal absorption of ingested
  • Alkaloids present in fenugreek have demonstrated to possess hypoglycaemic actions

Why liquid fill

Liquid-filled hard capsules offer a gamut of advantages to both manufacturers and consumers of nutraceuticals. They’re here to stay.

Consumer preference

Consumers prefer liquid-filled capsules as they are easier to swallow. They are also believed to work faster, better and are visually attractive. For nutra companies looking to create a differentiated product, an important trend is the growth and diversity of new dosage forms that enjoy consumer preference.

Improved bioavailability

Compounds with poor solubility may suffer from poor bioavailability. Liquid-filled capsules are ideal for compounds with poor solubility and can significantly improve bioavailability of such compounds. These capsules also allow for multiple combinations of release profiles within a single hard capsule.

Commercial benefits

Innovative formulations combining two or more compounds afford an excellent lifecycle management strategy to revitalise product pipelines, enabling distinct brand visibility. Combining existing compounds is less expensive, hastens speed to market, and is less risky to develop.


Liquid fill combinations in hard capsules offer endless possibilities

A signature Vantage Nutrition concept that allows you to leverage the versatility of capsules to incorporate two non-compatible formulations in a single capsule, phase out the release, reduce the number of pills to be taken and add to consumer convenience and compliance.
Liquid in Capsules

Liquid in capsules

Pellet in liquid-filled capsules

Beadlet in liquid-filled capsules

Pellet in capsule in liquid-filled capsules

Beadlet in capsule in liquid-filled capsules

Capsule in liquid-filled capsules

Capsule in liquid-filled capsules

Tablet in liquid-filled capsules

Tablet in liquid-filled capsules

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